vinita kinra embodies courage, compassion, vision and revolution, not merely through the power of her pen, but also through her fearless acts of leadership and influence.

“I’m a Woman. Walk with me, not over me.” ― Vinita Kinra

In Vinita Kinra’s own words, “If you wish, you may. If you want, you can. If you are determined, you will.” The multifaceted literary artist turned Realtor, Vinita Kinra, has gifted the world with scores of inspirational, incisive, deep, and thought-provoking quotations which are being used by millions worldwide. 

Now she’s determined to help Ontarians find their dream home: a safe haven where they can blossom, flourish, rejuvenate and nurture, not just their own personalities and passions, but also of their family and loved ones. Afterall, in one of her other famous quotations, Vinita rightly emphasizes the importance of chasing one’s dreams: “Dream is like a butterfly. You have to chase it to discover worlds you never knew existed.”

With this vision and passion to empower everyday Ontarians with the security of home ownership, Vinita started her very own Show – The Vinita Kinra Show. This Show is an initiative of CONDO CHAMPIONS, a priceless resource of top pre-construction projects with award-winning builders and developers, not just in the Greater Toronto Area, but across Ontario.

The objective of the Vinita Kinra Show is to provide a wealth of information to new immigrants from India to Canada regarding how to own a home or lease one, which builders and developers are names to reckon with for ace pre-construction projects if they don’t have enough saved up for a down payment right away, what community events are going on within the Indo-Canadian circles which could be beneficial for their networking or social needs, and so much more!

As well, the Vinita Kinra Show is a valuable platform for builders, developers, exclusive brokerages, marketing companies, and event organizers who can take advantage of Vinita’s massive social media presence, which includes over 75k followers on her Facebook fanpage, to get their message across of how they can provide value to new immigrants or the existing Indo-Canadian diaspora in Ontario.

It  is important to note that Vinita Kinra perpetually promotes an inclusive, respectful, barrier-free, and equitable society where diverse ideas flowing from the charmingly diverse people of Canada are not merely welcomed, but embraced. People from all walks of life are warmly welcomed on the Vinita Kinra Show, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and respect differences of opinion. As Vinita Kinra rightly says in one of her widely loved quotes,”I’m not you, you’re not me, then why do I want you to be like me?”

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